Technical specification

Product Details for the HydromazeTM Aquarium

This page contains detailed technical information, including dimensions. If you have any questions that are not answered with the information below, check out our FAQs here or contact us using the contact form.


When deciding on a suitable location, you will need to allow adequate room to situate the base tank and tower and also to allow for cleaning and feeding. The tower is 610mm high and the base tank is  850mm long, by 300mm high by 230 mm deep.


It requires 69 litres of water to fill the tower and base tank completely.

Weight and support required

The package you will receive is 22kg. Please be prepared to take delivery, carry with care and arrange for assistance from another person if needed. A fully assembled and filled tank weighs just over 90kg, give or take a small amount for landscaping. It is essential that whatever you locate the Hydromaze aquarium on can take such a load and remain stable.


The tank, tower and infill panels are made from highest quality. The infill panels are made from toughened, clear glass. The unique composite parts are made from revliteTM, a high-tech substance that is used in luxury vehicle interiors and Formula One cars. Revlite enables the composite parts to be manufactured with superior surface finish and to extremely high tolerances, ensuring all parts fit together perfectly.

Electrical supply requirement

A standard UK mains plus socket needs to be within 1.5m of the base tank, however it must be protected from any potential splashes.


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  • Another clever feature: during filling & elevating the tower, the Hydromaze badge doubles as a water level indicator. ,