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What makes Hydromaze TM  unique?

The Hydromaze aquarium is the product of many years R&D and makes use of materials and processes that have never been used in the aquarium industry before.

No other aquarium in the world has the following features:

The tower: “it looks like magic, works on science”

Amazing, but not quite magic. Making use of intelligent design and atmospheric pressure, the tower raise out of the base tank and means that fish can swim up the tower and meet you at your level. The tower is a great place to inspect and enjoy your fish and is illuminated from above.

Infill panels: “accessibility, visibility, practicality”

The individual glass panels that form the roof to the lower base tank fit snuggly and securely into the lid of the base tank. At feeding time, a gentle touch on the edge hinges the panels up for easy removal.


 Safety: “built-in, not bolt on”

An assembled Hydromaze aquarium is incredibly stable. The locking collar (where the tower goes through the base tank roof) holds the tower in place. Additional security is provided by the negative pressure created by the tower’s flat base acting upon the base tank floor.

On top of that, the downward lighting is located in the tower cap – effectively hidden, yet outside of the actual tower and importantly: away from water.

Unique plinth-base: “framing the picture”

Tabs on the bottom of the base tank slot into the plinth-base, holding the tank in place. The unique, high quality composite parts frame the tank and the tower to create an amazing piece of art. The appearance of the Hydromaze is protect by community design registration.

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  • Another clever feature: during filling & elevating the tower, the Hydromaze badge doubles as a water level indicator. ,