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Read this important health & safety information

Before using the Hydromaze aquarium, it is essential that you follow these H&S points for the safety of both you and your fish. Also read the user manual completely as soon as you receive your aquarium and refer to it regularly.

Lifting and carrying

The delivery package is over 22kg. If you are concerned about carrying it, please arrange for assistance on the delivery day.  Be extremely careful handling glass parts. Never move a full aquarium.


Ensure that whatever the aquarium is located has a flat, even surface and can support more than the 90kg required. Locate it in a place where it will not be at risk of damage from or to animals and children.

Risk of glass breakage

If the package you received has signs of damage or sounds like the glass is broken, take this up immediately with the courier at the point of delivery. Otherwise, if you discover that the aquarium has been damaged in transit, contact us immediately and do not attempt to further unpack or assemble.

In the event of breakage in assembly or use, contact us for advise. When cleaning and feeding, always handle the infill panels with care.

Electrical hazards

Never allow water to be splashed on the lighting equipment or surrounding electrical equipment. Always ensure a drip loop is made with the mains cable below the plug socket, so that in the unlikely event of water being splashed onto the electrical cable, it cannot make its way onto the plug or socket (see assembly instructions). Never use any lighting or pump other than those supplied by or recommended by Hydromaze.

Fish care

If you are inexperienced in fish keeping, we strongly advise you to consult a professional at an aquatics store of reputable pet shop. They will be able to advise you on fish selection and care. We provide advice on this is the user manual supplied, however there is no substitute for consulting an expert before introducing fish to an aquarium.

User manual

Always follow the advice in the user manual and contact us if you are unsure on any point contained within it.

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  • Another clever feature: during filling & elevating the tower, the Hydromaze badge doubles as a water level indicator. ,