Growing aquatic plants

Using the Hydromaze aquarium for aquatic plants

You don’t have to keep fish – you can keep decorative aquatic plants in the Hydromaze aquarium!

Hydromaze aquarium for aquatic plant growing – benefits

A wide range of ornamental plants are suitable for keeping in aquariums. As the Hydromaze aquarium features a unique tower rising out of the water, it has advantages over traditional tanks.

The tower allows a greater height for growth for taller-growing plants, whilst the base tank can still be decorated with smaller plants.

If you wish to use the Hydromaze aquarium for plants only, simply follow our instructions as you would for keeping fish, but miss out the step of introducing the fish! We recommend you visit your local aquatics store to browse a selection of aquatic plants and consult an in-store exert over their care.

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  • Another clever feature: during filling & elevating the tower, the Hydromaze badge doubles as a water level indicator. ,