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How does the water stay in the tower?

Atmospheric pressure. The tower has two ‘apertures’ – the doors that the fish use to enter the tower. So long as water in the base tank is above the top of these holes, there is no way of air going into the them and so the water stays in the tower. Cool, isn’t it!

How big is it?

For dimensions, capacity and other technical details, please see our technical specification page.

What landscaping and ornaments can I use?

We strongly recommend to use pebbles rather than gravel. We use the term “moonscaping”. This makes setting up and cleaning a much easier task. Feel free to use whatever ornaments you wish, however do make sure that the openings to the tower are not obstructed.

Are other colours available?

Not currently, but if you would like to see other colours available, email us with your preference and we can take that into account when we introduce new colours.

Is it suitable for children?

The Hydromaze fish tank is not a toy. Children can benefit from learning about fish through the Hydromaze fish tank, but just as with any other interaction with animals, they should be supervised.

Is it suitable for other animals?

No. It is however suitable for certain types of plants however, so if you want to enjoy the aesthetic qualities of the Hydromaze tank without the fish – go ahead! See our page on growing aquatic plants here.

Can I use it outside?

No. The Hydromaze tank is not designed for outdoor use.

How do I arrange wholesale enquiries?

Please use the contact form to get in touch.

What is the warranty?

We offer a one year limited warranty and are happy to refund your purchase in the unlikely event that it does not fully satisfy. Please see our terms and conditions section of the website for more details.

Where do I get spare or replacement parts?

In the unlikely event of damage or failure outside of warranty, you an order genuine replacement parts online.

Where can I see one in a shop?

If your local aquatics store of pet shop doesn’t yet stock our Tower aquarium, let us know by contacting us using the contact form on our site. Please include your postcode.

What fish are suitable for the Hydromaze fish tank?

We strongly recommend that only small, hardy cold-water fish are used in the Hydromaze fish tank. Please contact your local specialist aquatics store or pet shopto receive expert advice.

Where in the house can I put the Hydromaze?

Firstly, remember that water may be splashed in the proximity of the Hydromaze fish tank. Therefore you should not locate it on or above items that are electrical or could be damaged by water, such as treated surfaces. It should be located in an area of steady room temperature (not a conservatory) and should be away from strong sources of heat such as hot bulbs and radiators.

Algae growth is encouraged by sun light, if your Hydromaze develops a lot of algae build-up you should consider moving it to a darker location in your home. Obviously, do not locate it on a window ledge or area of strong sunlight.

How do you clean the tower?

If there is a build-up of algae in the tower, we recommend using long-handled brushes and magnetic cleaners available in any good pet shop or aquatics store.

How do I get the fish to swim up the tower?

The fish will naturally explore the tower when they feel like it. Hey: fish are people too! If at any given time they are in the bottom of the tower, do not tap the glass – let them go up the tower of their own accord.

What if I want to move the tank to another area of the house or office?

If you wish to relocate the tank, please follow the instructions in the user manual. Never move a full Hydromaze fish tank – it is dangerous for you, the tank and the fish.

What is your returns policy?

Please see our our returns page for details.

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  • Another clever feature: during filling & elevating the tower, the Hydromaze badge doubles as a water level indicator. ,