About Hydromaze

The principle behind Hydromaze™

The Hydromaze team comprises experts in product design and manufacturing technologies. Taking approaches, techniques and technologies from other industries, we are truly ‘taking aquatics to new heights‘.

The people behind Hydromaze have experience with Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, zero-emission vehicles and mobile location-based services – to name just a few.

The Hydromaze fish tank utilises atmospheric pressure to raise a body of water high than another and keep it there, resulting in what appears to be an optical illusion. Fish however are perfectly happy to swim up the tower and meet you at your level! Precision design engineering creates a highly sophisticated product – a piece of interior design that looks stunning in any setting. The design and manufacturing technologies involved in the high-tech moulded composite parts is the same as used on luxury vehicles.

Company structure and history

Hydromaze was founded by Jevon Thurston-Thorpe, who created the original Hydromaze concept. Jevon has considerable experience in both designing high-technology products and running large manufacturing operations. Jevon is a director of several companies and has a track record in growing startups with successful exit strategies.

The executive management team at Hydromaze also includes Pete Clarke (Design Director), Paul Shaw (Finance Director) and Kris Osborne (Sales and Marketing Director). The management team is supported by operational and administrative staff, a world-class supply chain and a number of non-executive directors in relevant advisory roles, including Tim Couldrick (legal advisor) and Daniela Marques Miguel (commercial advisor).

Get in touch

If you would like to get in touch with us, just use the contact form on the right and we will get back to you in person as soon as possible. Please do include as much information as you can to help us address your specific question(s).

Company information

Hydromaze Limited is  a company registered in England and Wales, Company No. 06896396.

“Hydromaze” is a registered trade mark of Hydromaze Limited. “Taking aquatics to new heights” is a trade mark of Hydromaze Limited. The Hydromaze design is protected by Community Design registration numbers 001266563-0001, 001266563-0002, 001266563-0003.



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  • Another clever feature: during filling & elevating the tower, the Hydromaze badge doubles as a water level indicator. ,